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Cure For Tinnitus Video

I Tried This Reddit Miracle "Cure" For Tinnitus — But It Just Made Things Worse

I have been suffering from tinnitus — the perception of sound inside your head — for just over 8 years, so when one of my colleagues shared a video containing a miracle "cure" I knew I had to test it out. The constant "whooshing" noise I hear in my ears — which sounds exactly like holding a shell to your ear — is enough to drive me to madness most nights, as it gets especially bad when I'm lying down (and, full disclosure, when I've been drinking), so I was desperate for relief.

The video was inspired by a Reddit comment sharing the unique tinnitus cure, which supposedly gets rid of the condition, even if temporarily. "Place the palms of your hands over your ears with fingers resting gently on the back of your head," the comment reads. "Your middle fingers should point toward one another just above the base of your skull. Place your index fingers on top of you middle fingers and snap them (the index fingers) onto the skull making a loud, drumming noise. Repeat 40-50 times."

The magical "snapping" cure is demonstrated in the video by several individuals with tinnitus (who all definitely experience harsher forms of the condition than I do based on their descriptions), and spoiler alert: they all experience beautiful relief from their symptoms.

Me? Not so much.

I went home after seeing the video and sat in bed, the whooshing in my ears at full throttle. I watched the clip again and copied the method step-by-step, obviously assuming that I was going to have a euphoric experience like the people in the video and that the soft, inspirational music from the clip would start playing in place of the whooshing sounds. In reality, I sat in bed flicking myself in the back of the head 50 times as the whooshing in my ear got even louder and my actual brain started to throb.

I don't think the people in the video are faking it at all — each and every one of them seems to have gotten much-needed relief thanks to this method. Perhaps I'm one in a million, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this cure won't work for everyone. So proceed with caution, as your brain might rebel in the form of a serious headache after, making your tinnitus the least of your problems.

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