Transform the Shape of Your Butt With a Pair of Dumbbells and This 6-Move Workout

07/05/2018 - 09:22 AM

Many ladies are all about the booty gains [1]! And while lifting heavy-barbells [2] is a quick way to add volume to your buns, you can do it with dumbbells, too. Grab a pair that are medium- to heavy-weight (eight to 20 pounds, maybe more), and do these six moves that target your butt and legs. Repeat this workout two to three times. Your buns will be on fire! Once you get stronger, go ahead and increase the dumbbell weight.

Goblet Squat

Romanian Deadlifts

Side Lunge With Bicep Curl

Dumbbell Thrusters

Split Squat With Overhead Press

Weighted Donkey Kick

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