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Early Morning Weight Loss Tips

Do These 3 Things Before Breakfast to Encourage Weight Loss

If losing weight and getting healthier are on your mind, here are three things you can (and should!) do early in the morning before eating breakfast to help reach your goals.

  1. Sip on this: While drinking down a glass of water is a great way to detox the body and get your digestive juices flowing, if you go for apple cider vinegar (ACV) instead, you'll benefit from ACV's weight-loss and immunity-boosting powers. Studies have shown that ACV may help keep you from feeling hungry by slowing stomach emptying; it also lowers the glycemic index of high-carb foods like pasta, meaning it can help you feel fuller longer by slowing the release of glucose into your bloodstream.
  1. Move: Exercising first thing in the morning has not only been shown to boost metabolism and burn more calories than those who exercise at other times, but it'll also improve your mood and inspire you to continue making healthy decisions throughout the day. Getting in your workout first thing in the morning also ensures that it won't get skipped. If you're not into doing a big workout on an empty stomach, or you're short on time, just do a quick energizing yoga session.
  2. Breathe in and relax: Take at least 10 minutes for some meditation, to sit and breathe, to relax the body, to calm the mind, and to visualize and encourage mindful eating. Getting in the habit of meditating every morning can help you feel gratitude for the food you're about to eat, help you feel more satiated, and prevent overeating.
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