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Easy Cardio Exercises

These Are the 5 Absolute Easiest Yet Effective Ways to Get In Your Cardio

Easy Cardio Exercises
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ericka McConnell

You're gearing up to take on cardio training, but diving off the deep end sounds about as much fun as the last season of The Bachelor, am I right? Smart move; easing into the shallow end first is always best for anything exercise related. You've probably heard that cardio is a great way to burn calories, fight off nasty chronic diseases, and of course be fit enough to survive the zombie apocalypse with as much grace and abs as Lauren Cohan.

When you think of cardio, though, some other images probably pop into your head like drenched sweatbands, a screaming cycle instructor, or even marathons. Cardio really doesn't have to be those things. Cardio is just about moving your body, and we've got the five easiest ways for you to move and get your cardio going. You're in good hands with these workouts. We reached out to Youfit Health Club's national director of fitness, Raphael Konforti, to curate your five cardio workouts.

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