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Exercise in My Underwear

How Exercising in My Underwear Has Changed My Workouts

We all have our trouble spots, and for me, it's my belly. Even before two pregnancies, I've always been a little self-conscious about that extra squishiness above my belt. I'm a full-bathing-suit-in-the-Summer, never-take-off-my-shirt-while-working-out kind of gal . . . that is until a few weeks ago.

I do yoga and strength training at home to complement my runs, and one day I wanted to try out this new move, but I was in my everyday clothes. I quickly got hot in my jeans so I just took them off. I didn't want to get my shirt all sweaty, so I took that off too. There I was, half-naked, doing plank variations with my TRX, and something shifted. Now I prefer exercising in my underwear! Here's why.

  • Damn, what's that indentation? After having two kiddos, my mummy tummy is in full force. I'm proud that it grew two beautiful children, but if it could be a little smaller, that'd be awesome. When working out in just my bra and undies, I can actually see my belly — seeing the skin shows me way more than a tight-fitting tank. The other day I even started to see a little definition. I was shocked! And so psyched to know that what I've been doing is actually working. That's the best motivation right there.
  • You got this! Working out with a lot of skin showing means I can see all my muscles working. Whether it's bicep curls or squats, it's motivating to see how each exercise targets each muscle. Seeing them flex pushes me to throw in an extra few reps.
  • Who cares where my capris are? I can't tell you how many times I've passed on a workout because I wasted too much time trying to find an outfit. This is a no-fuss solution — just strip down and you're ready to go. I don't even wear my socks and sneakers. You won't get as sweaty, and you'll have less laundry later!

Granted I could totally get the same effect wearing a sports bra and tight shorts, but, of course, that would mean planning ahead to locate and put them on. This allows for some spontaneous exercise, because sometimes you've got to fit it in whenever you can.

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