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Fencer Enzo Lefort Drops Phone During Rio Olympics 2016

This Olympic Fencer Did Something Totally Embarassing But We Can All Relate

We've all been there… that annoying moment when your pesky phone decides to make a break for it in a situation it really shouldn't be involved in. But for French fencer Enzo LeFort the common faux pas has turned out to be one of the most embarrassing moments of his career. The Olympian was facing German star Peter Joppich when he stumbled during a fencing match and his device went sliding across the floor… with the entire world watching.

The 24-year-old was keeping his mobile in his back pocket but when it fell out he was forced to pick it up and hand it to someone on the sidelines, (no, he didn't stop to check his Facebook timeline before he continued).

Enzo hasn't explained why he was toting his phone around during the competition but people on social media seem to really be able to relate. He might be an Olympian but he's still human! By the way he ended up losing 15-13 at Carioca Arena and boos could be heard in the crowd in reaction to the incident. Ouch!

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