Burn Fat and Build Muscle With These at-Home HIIT Workouts

19/09/2018 - 10:25 AM

You do not need to leave your house to get a kickass workout. To prove this, we've rounded up our favorite HIIT workouts that you can do right in your living room. They're all short, too, between 10 and 30 minutes. And since all the workouts feature bodyweight exercises, you don't need any equipment either. Fair warning: you might need a water bottle and quite possibly a towel — you will get sweaty. Check out the list, find a workout that fits your needs, then get at it.

10-Minute Tabata

This workout video warms you up, then puts you through two rounds of Tabata for a short, stress-relieving workout.

The workout: 10-Minute Tabata [2]

20-Minute HIIT

After treating you to a solid warmup, this quick workout uses plyometric exercises to build strength while raising your heart rate. You do each move at high intensity for 40 seconds, and rest for 20.

The workout: 20-Minute HIIT [3]

20-Minute Cardio HIIT

This workout will torch calories using the 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest pattern. To reap all the benefits of HIIT, be sure to perform the bodyweight cardio exercises at your highest intensity.

The workout: HIIT Workout For Weight Loss [4]

Total-Body Tabata

This workout consists of three rounds of Tabata followed by core work. The first four-minute round of Tabata consists of cardio moves to warm up your body efficiently. Plus, you can print this one!

20-Minute Total-Body Tabata [5]

20-Minute HIIT Video Workout

Let us take care of the timing and the motivation with this video workout. The exercises are full-body ensuring that you burn a lot of calories in little time.

The workout: 20-Minute HIIT [6]

30-Minute Tabata

This video workout combines calorie-torching cardio with sculpting moves for a workout that you will feel the next day. It's all Tabata, too.

The workout: 30-Minute Tabata Session [7]

Total Body HIIT

Build aerobic stamina, strengthen your entire body, and burn some fat with this HIIT workout that we have dubbed super Tabata; it's 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest.

The workout: Total Body Super Tabata [8]

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