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Halle Berry's Favorite Exercises

5 Strengthening Exercises Halle Berry Wants You to Add to Your Workout Routine For Muscle

Halle Berry's Favorite Exercises
Image Source: Getty / George Pimentel

Name another celebrity who loves fitness as much as Halle Berry — we'll wait. Week after week, you can expect her to share her favorite workouts, what she eats on the keto diet, and of course, her training tips.

This week for #FitnessFriday, Halle and her trainer Peter Lee Thomas shared on Halle's Instagram Stories their go-to exercises to get in shape and build muscle, and they are good. Push-ups are at the top of the list, and according to Peter, Halle can do every variation. Pull-ups, bodyweight squats, and kettlebell swings also made the list.

One thing these exercises have in coming is that they're functional movements (movements we do everyday like pushing and pulling) and help build muscle and increase power and strength. Finishing the list, Peter insisted that people take up some form of boxing or martial arts for the ultimate conditioning and strengthening workout.

Continue reading to learn how to do each exercise.

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