8 Low-Calorie, Late-Night Snacks For Delicious Midnight Dining

16/01/2018 - 05:34 PM

While late-night eating may not be as bad for your waistline as you think, that doesn't mean that all snacks are created equal. The best late-night snacks are easy to digest — carbs are good but not too much fiber, protein, or fat — so you don't lie awake from feeling too full. But if your late-night eating includes buttery grilled cheese, ice cream, or gobs of peanut butter, here are a few healthier options for you. Make these low-calorie options ahead of time for quick snacking when the mood strikes!

Instead of: Cookies

Blend up a vegan batch of chickpea cookie dough [1]; it's sweet and satisfying, packed with protein, and looks just like the real deal.

Instead of: Regular Peanut Butter

It may be full of healthy fats, but peanut butter still is full of all those calories. Instead, whip up a batch of this lower-calorie apple almond butter [2] to keep in your fridge for when the mood strikes. Come bedtime, spread on a few whole-wheat crackers and enjoy.

Instead of: Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese may be comforting, but the calorie and fat counts can get really high, really quickly. Make your next sandwich healthier [3] by using whole-wheat bread, lower-fat cheese, and lots of veggies.

Instead of: Too Much Chocolate

Whip up this protein-rich, vegan chocolate mousse [4] earlier in the evening (it just needs an hour in the fridge to set). Then, pair with five strawberries, as shown here, for an 87-calorie treat, or scoop out a small serving of mousse for a rich, chocolaty midnight dessert.

Instead of: Too Much Candy

These strawberry banana yogurt creams [5] are sweet enough to replace your Skittles habit without the calories. Eight cream-filled strawberries will only set you back 145 calories while still being substantial enough to satisfy. Make the prep even quicker by dipping the strawberries in the cream instead of filling them.

Instead of: Ice Cream (Again)

Still craving something cold and creamy? Keep a sliced banana or two in your freezer so you can whip up this low-calorie, vegan banana peanut butter ice cream [6] instead of diving into a late-night pint.

Instead of: Chips

If you're craving something salty and savory, don't dig into a bag of fattening potato chips. Instead, bake a batch of these salted carrot chips [7]. One serving is just 79 calories. Or give low-carb spinach chips [8] a try. They're delicate, light, and crispy, and they also come with a built-in handle, which makes them even more fun to nosh.

Instead of: A Glass of OJ

Skip the sugar bomb and break out the juicer; this quick sleep-inducing green juice recipe [9] is just as citrusy but also contains anxiety-relieving ingredients like watercress and celery to help you wind down.

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