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Healthy and Unhealthy Vending Machine Snacks

The Best and Worst Foods to Grab From the Vending Machine

Healthy and Unhealthy Vending Machine Snacks
Image Source: Unsplash/NeONEBRAND

You're rushing between classes or appointments and your stomach is growling. You've got to get a snack, stat. The only thing in sight is the vending machine, so you've got to go with what's there. Unfortunately, vending machines are notorious for having not-so-healthy items, which can make it hard to find something nourishing and nutrient dense, as well as being low in sugar and processed ingredients. The good news is, you can find a few winners and you can ditch the "worst" case scenarios, thanks to these suggestions from a few dietitians. These are the best and worst foods to pick when scoping out the vending machine.

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