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Home Workout | Disc Slider Ab Exercises

If You Want to Work Your Abs, Grab a Pair of Disc Sliders (or Two Towels!) and Get to Work

Home Workout | Disc Slider Ab Exercises
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What if we told you to get a strong core and sculpted abs you never have to do another crunch again? After screaming "yaaaas!" you may wonder where that leaves you in terms of effective ab exercises. And while other ab moves such as planks and Russian twists can tone your tummy, you can get in a killer core workout using a pair of disc sliders. If you don't have a pair of sliders, grab two washcloths or smaller towels to place under your feet.

Check out these disc slider exercises to create a sore-inducing ab workout. Incorporate these into your core day to change it up from those boring crunches and planks. Best part? If you have hardwood or tile floors, you can do these right at home — no gym required!

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