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Home Workout | How to Do a Russian Twist

This Move Will Help You Feel Your Abs Burn Like Never Before

Home Workout | How to Do a Russian Twist
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A toned midsection can be hard to achieve unless you've got the right mix of exercise and diet. While exercise alone won't carve out a six-pack, the Russian twist can help! Coupled alongside a healthy diet and solid workout routine, this core-carving exercise is just what's needed to make your abs pop.

Warning: you might find yourself shouting obscenities after a few rounds of Russian twists because of how much you can feel it working deep in the core muscles. "The Russian twist is an excellent ab exercise because it doesn't just work the rectus abdominis (front ab muscles), it also incorporates the transverse abdominal muscle (TVA)," said Heather Neff, CPT. "The TVA is a deep muscle that runs along the sides [of the midsection] just under the obliques." When you strengthen and work the TVA, it acts just like a girdle and pulls everything inward, giving you that appearance of a flat belly.

Along with the TVA and rectus abdominis, the Russian twist incorporates the obliques and lower back as well. This exercise is everything you need for a tighter core in 360 degrees!

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