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How to Break a Fat-Loss Plateau

If You're Stuck in a Fat-Loss Plateau, Do These 10 Things to Break Through

How to Break a Fat-Loss Plateau
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You were going strong, eating healthy and exercising, and you watched your weight steadily go down. But now your fat-loss has stalled. Before you get down on yourself about your weight-loss plateau, make sure you've actually hit one. There are many ways to measure progress besides the scale. So even though the numbers may not be moving (or maybe they're even increasing), check out your body composition, body measurements, how strong you feel, and how your clothes fit. You may have decreased your body fat percentage and increased muscle, and a regular scale won't measure that.

If you've determined that you've truly hit a fat-loss plateau, POPSUGAR asked NYC-based registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator Rachel Stahl, MS, CDE, to share some tips to break through. "It's important to take an integrative approach towards breaking through a weight-loss plateau," she said. "It is so much more than numbers on the scale or counting calories. Factors like emotion, food sensitivity, physical activity, environment, and medications all can play a role, so it's important to address these in addition to diet." But if your sleep, stress, and emotional well-being are doing well, here are some healthy eating tips that can help break through that fat-loss plateau.

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