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How to Change Your Sleep Cycle

This Celeb Trainer Says A.M. Workouts Are So Important, You Should Change Your Sleep Cycle

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Waking up early can be a challenge and can even feel outright impossible — but Jason Wimberly, celebrity trainer and creator of THE WALL and WIMBERLEAN, believes there's no better time to work out than the early morning hours. How do you do that when you're decidedly "not a morning person"? Well . . . you change sh*t up — with your sleep, that is.

In order to reap the benefits of a morning workout, you've gotta retrain your circadian rhythm. Wimberly suggests doing this in the simplest way possible: getting to bed early. "Getting up early regulates your circadian rhythm," said Wimberly. "All of us are having sleep issues as we get older . . . it's hard to get good sleep," he told POPSUGAR. His remedy for this is an earlier bedtime — and doing everything you can to reset your internal clock.

"It's really hard for a lot of us to shut down at a certain time," Wimberly told POPSUGAR, especially when you begin to change your sleep cycle. "Being mindful of things like cutting off screen time, [which] is so important," he said. "If you read on an iPad, don't do it after 9 p.m., and try to not have loud music on at night." He also suggests "never" working out after 8 p.m.

What else can you do to get the ball in motion? "Increase the things that are soothing for you, like a warm bath, hot tea, etc. Really focus on making those adjustments so you get that earlier bedtime."

Over time, Wimberly suggests you'll condition your body and reset that internal clock so you're on an early-to-bed, early-to-rise schedule that's more conducive to a healthy workout schedule. Godspeed.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Maria del Rio
Product Credit: Fleur du Mal Bra, Underwear + Robe
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