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How Much Should I Poop Every Day?

How Much Should You Be Pooping Every Day? The Answers You Need (and Want) to Know

These are the kind of hard-hitting questions you probably have never asked anyone before, even though you've wondered them a million times: How much should I be pooping every day? What's the healthy number of bowel movements? Am I normal? Although there isn't necessarily one answer to these questions that everyone should abide by, there's a rough guideline that we can refer to.

Above all else, remember that everyone's "normal" pooping schedule will differ. Some people will drop a deuce three times a day, while others will only go once every other day. This is the average window of healthy bowel movements. One isn't necessarily more right than the other, according to experts.

Although there isn't one rule to poop by, you should know what your normal schedule is, and your normal poops should be soft but firm and easy to evacuate. If all of a sudden your bowel movements change — maybe that means you only go once a week, or you go a couple times a day — that means something is off, so you should look closer into your daily habits and see if something is different.

Believe it or not, your genetics play a role in how often you'll poop in a day, so it may partly depends on what you inherited from your family. But then there are the factors you can control, like food and water intake. Low-fiber foods, like fried food and cheese, will make you feel stopped up, as will drinking a small amount of water each day. Alternatively, a plant-based diet, which is naturally very high in fiber, will make you go more often (and more easily). You might want to keep a diary of what you eat and drink if you've been having any trouble with your digestion.

If you have any specific questions about your pooping schedule, don't hesitate to speak with your doctor. It may seem like a gross topic to approach, but it's an excellent indicator of your overall health — so don't be shy!

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