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How Much Sugar Should I Eat?

Do You Love Sugar? Well, This Is the Most You Should Be Eating Every Day

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We all know how delicious sugar can be. It's hard to say no to the sweetness when you're having a rough day or you're celebrating a happy event with your friends. Rather than swearing it off entirely, though, you can find a happy medium of eating moderate amounts here and there, rather than overindulging in one sitting.

For those of you who are wondering just how much sugar you're supposed to be eating in a day, here's a straightforward guideline: the American Heart Association says women should have no more than six teaspoons' worth of added sugar a day, which equals about 25 grams and 100 calories. This includes sugars of all kinds, whether it occurs naturally in fruits and dairy or it's found in your favorite desserts or baked goods.

The dangers of consuming too much sugar are very real. Not only are sugary foods high in calories, but they also contribute to obesity, poor heart health, mood swings, and headaches. While enjoying some sweets here and there can be good for the soul, it's important to follow these guidelines so you can keep a healthy balance in your diet.

The American Heart Association recommends looking carefully at the labels of what you eat, because many foods these days contain hidden sugars that can really creep up on you. If you feel like you need to cut back on refined sugars, try making any of these healthy desserts at home.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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