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How to Stay in a Calorie Deficit

10 Easy Ways to Stay in a Calorie Deficit (Without Feeling Hungry!)

How to Stay in a Calorie Deficit
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If you want to lose weight, you need to be in a modest calorie deficit — not a huge one, because you won't be able to sustain it. You can calculate your calorie deficit by multiplying your bodyweight by 10 to 12. Your caloric intake should fall somewhere within these numbers. Another way to calculate your calorie deficit is to figure out your TDEE (total energy expenditure, which is the number of calories your body burns each day) and subtract 500 calories.

Make sure you're always eating more than 1,200 calories each day, even more if you're working out regularly. Eating less will make you tired and increase cravings and hunger, which will only lead to overeating. Aside from just eating fewer calories, here are some easy ways you can stay in a caloric deficit without increasing hunger.

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