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New to the World of Boxing? This Dubai Studio Is Here to Help You Pack a Powerful Punch

UNDERDOGBOXN, Dubai's newest boxing studio is now open in Dubai Media City. To get the low down on just what this fitness facility has to offer, we met with the venue's co-founder and fitness entrepreneur, Linda Chambers to chat fitness, motivation, and boxing's tie with mental health.

Supplied/ Linda Chambers

What inspired you to open UNDERDOGBOXN?
Boxing can be quite daunting. So, we wanted to create an experience that was accessible to people of fitness levels, authentic to the sport, and fun. The playful elements can be found in our use of immersive lighting, upbeat music, and the attitudes of our trainers.

The name UNDERDOGBOXN is quite unique, what is the story behind it?
Every boxing match has a favorite and an underdog. Underdogs tend to try harder and are more dedicated – these are both qualities we admire. Act like a champion. Hustle like an UNDERDOG.

We've tried your BOXNBODY class and really enjoyed it. Where is the method from?
When we were doing our research, we came to realize the importance of strength training and conditioning, regardless of fitness goals. So, we created BOXNBODY, which is a class that combines high intensity rounds of boxing in our Aqua Bags with functional strength and conditioning exercises using dumbbells. The 50-minute long class is intense, to say the least but, the results are almost instantaneous.

The physical toll must be extreme. As a trainer, how do you keep your energy up teaching high-intensity classes every day?
I think, it's just in my blood. I've being doing it for almost 20 years now. I also teach Yoga, which is a nice balance and helps me to restore my overall Zen. I do get tired, I won't lie. But, as soon as my class begins, it's like a switch goes off and, I'm all systems go.

We've read that boxing can be beneficial for one's mental health. Do you agree?
Yes! Not only are you releasing endorphins, which have been proven to enhance one's mood, boost self-confidence, and help de-stress, it creates a sense of runners high. Boxing forces you into a zone, where you have very little to no time to think about anything else but the combinations of punches you are throwing at the bag. You put all of your stress aside. It's like meditation, you have to be 100 percent present and this in itself can have a huge impact on your state of mind in the long run.

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Image Source: Unsplash/ Dylan Nolte
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