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Lower-Body Bodyweight Exercises

No Gym? No Problem: Work Your Booty and Thighs, No Weights Necessary

Side Skater
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

Weight training is a great way to build muscle and make you feel super confident. In fact, you have to pick up the dumbbells and barbells if your goal is to effectively build muscle (reminder: eating more carbs and protein and incorporating recovery days into your schedule is also important).

But whenever you can work your body without navigating the weights at the gym or taking out the 10-pounders you keep in your closet, it's a good day — i.e., you can grow your glutes anytime, anywhere. When it comes to working your lower body equipment-free, there's a long list at your disposal. Here are 20 lower-body bodyweight exercises that bring the heat to your booty, calves, and thighs. Note: this is not a workout. Instead, take some of these moves and add them to your routine. You'll be glad you did!

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