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Most Healthy Bedtime Routine

Set Up For a Healthier Tomorrow With This Pre-Bed Routine

The one part of "becoming an adult" that has really been working out for me is having little routines. The routines themselves are malleable, but the structure itself has helped me get organized and set me up for success. Even if I totally mess my life up and end up in shambles, I know a great routine that'll put me back on track. Baby steps.

My morning routine has been a huge factor in setting the tone for a healthy, successful day. However, I discovered that a bedtime routine is equally important — not just for winding down and getting a restful sleep, but for helping you prepare for the next day. Try these things at night to have a better tomorrow.

Meal Prep

Look, sometimes this just means "make a five-minute chia pudding" and store it in bulk quantities in the refrigerator. Other times it's setting aside leftovers in portable Tupperware for lunch the next day (hello, delicious pizza from Sunday night!). If I'm going for advanced-level adulting, I'm making a healthy meal for tomorrow's lunch, and possibly prepping breakfast and dinner, too. I realized it doesn't take too long to cook up a little quinoa or chicken, chop some veggies, or portion out a smoothie pack. Your morning self will TOTALLY thank you for it, too.

Pack Your Gym Bag

When your gear is ready to go, you have no excuses. There's no "I forgot my shoes!" or "but . . . I can't go to class, I don't have anything with me," and you're not delayed in the morning trying to throw it together. There's less room for error (i.e., forgetting things) if you give yourself ample time in the evening, so you're less likely to forget your dry shampoo or extra socks. Also, you'll be mentally prepared for class the next day. Bonus points if you book in advance.

Prioritize Skin Care

Your morning is always so much better when you're not waking up to a fresh pimple (ugh!) or dried out skin. I start my evening routine with micellar water to remove makeup, then cleanse with a Clarisonic and my favorite soap, do a scrub or peel, then tone, mist, apply serum, and moisturize. If I'm REALLY going for it, I'll do an overnight hydrating mask. It sounds like a lot, but it takes less than ten minutes. I do it at the same time I brush my teeth, and it helps me mentally wind down, while making sure I have glowing skin the next day.

Diffuse Oils

The way I set up for a restful slumber starts with ambiance, and for me, that starts with fragrance. I set up my oil diffuser next to my bed with jasmine and eucalyptus, or ylang yang and jasmine. I also just discovered this incredible blend of patchouli, sweet orange, echinacea, and camellia from SukiShufu; I've been dabbing it on my wrists and immediately entering full-blown bliss mode. You can use this aromatherapy to set the tone for your evening meditation, or some nightime stretches to help you sleep. A rested you = a happier tomorrow.

Foam Roll

Speaking of stretching, if I haven't foam rolled during the day after my workout, I take a few minutes before bed to roll out my muscles to alleviate cramping and soreness from that day's exercise. You'll improve circulation, alleviate stiffness and soreness, and curb issues that might prevent tomorrow's workout from happening.

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