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Negative Words to Avoid

3 Words You Need to Stop Using to Get Happy and Feel Healthy

We believe that getting healthy starts with getting your mind right, honing in on self-care, and eliminating stress so that the sleep, diet, and exercise can fall into place naturally and effortlessly.

A lot of this comes down to how we talk to ourselves and others. Do you speak kindly to yourself? What words are you using most often? In the health world, so much comes down to the concept of 'mind over matter' — so what you're thinking and saying matters more than you'd expect.

Let's do a little Spring cleaning for our minds and our language — here are some words we want to leave in the dust to focus on positivity and empowerment.

  • Can't. The word "can't" is the key to paralysis. You can't eat this. You can't do that. It's like putting blinders on your brain — you somehow immediately forget everything you can do! Think of all the can'ts you tell yourself every day: I can't lift that heavy of a weight. I can't do another rep. I can't meal prep. I can't cook. I can't figure out this diet. I can't have a cookie. I can't eat anything on this menu. Can you imagine what you could accomplish if you didn't limit yourself in that way — or if you focused on what you can do?
  • But. If you're ready to quit it with the excuses, it's time to get rid of "but." Think about it — the phrase "No ifs, ands, or buts" exists for a reason! The word "but" is also an underminer. You can start with something positive or hopeful, and then throw "but" in there to completely undermine it. "I was doing really great this week, but then I slept through my workout on Thursday." You're STILL doing great, regardless of sleeping through a workout. Don't let this word take away from your success and positivity. Also keep in mind — if you the type of person who responds to a compliment by rejecting it, it's the same concept. Cut that out!
  • Never. "Never" is the limiter, the dream-killer. I'll never be good enough. I'll never lose the weight. I'll never run a half marathon. Never is unrealistic, and it truly doesn't serve any good purpose. Even something that seems positive (think: I'll never have soda again) can end up having negative effects (you beat yourself up if you have a soda). There's a reason why "never say never" is an age-old adage. Something so permanent and indefinite — and negative — has no place in your healthy, positive vocabulary. Let's scrub it.
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