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Quick Butt Workout 2016

Your 3-Minute Butt Burner

No time to fit a workout into your busy weekend schedule? No problem. This tush-toning, three-move workout takes just three minutes. Complete this three times a day, whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Single-Leg Forward Reach

  • Stand with all your weight on your left foot, abs engaged and chest lifted.
  • Reach your torso forward as you lift your right leg behind you. Reach your arms out in front of you for balance as your torso and leg come parallel to the floor.
  • Hold this position for a moment and reach through your right heel to engage the back of the right leg.
  • Moving in one piece, lower your right leg toward the floor as you return to standing upright, resting the right foot lightly on the ground. This completes one rep.
  • Do 30 seconds of reps on each side.

Sumo Squat Jump

  • Stand in a wide sumo squat position with your feet slightly turned out, arms resting on your hips.
  • Jump up explosively, keeping your core engaged.
  • Land with control, lowering your body back into the wide sumo squat position to complete one rep.
  • Do as many reps as you can for 60 seconds.

Basic Squat With Side Leg Lift

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width distance apart, feet parallel.
  • Bend your knees, lowering the hips deeply, so your thighs are parallel with the floor, keeping your weight back in your heels.
  • Rise back up, straighten the legs completely, and lift the right leg out to the side, squeezing the outer glute.
  • As you step the foot back into shoulder-width distance position, squat down again. Then stand up and do a side leg lift on the left side. Lower the leg back to the starting position. This counts as one rep.
  • Complete as many reps as you can for 60 seconds.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography
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