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Should I Do Cardio or Lift Weights to Lose Weight?

Not Sure If Cardio or Lifting Weights Is Better For Weight Loss? Here's What 2 Experts Have to Say

Should I Do Cardio or Lift Weights to Lose Weight?
Image Source: Shutterstock/ Nata-lunata

The debate over whether you should do cardio or lift weights to lose weight never seems to end. Gather 20 trainers and ask them what they think, and they'll all give you different answers and plans for weight loss. The thing is, when it comes to fitness, very few things are universal.

Experts have explained that the best workout to burn fat and lose weight will depend on variables such as whether your body burns fat more efficiently with steady-state cardio or more high-intensity forms of exercise.

According to two trainers, Alex Harrison, PhD, CSCS, a sports performance coach for Renaissance Periodization, and me, an NASM-certified trainer, this is how both cardio and strength training play a role in weight loss.

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