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Smoking Shisha Worse For Health During Ramadan

Smoking Shisha Is Bad For You but It's Even Worse During Ramadan

The worst time for people to be smoking shisha is apparently in Ramadan.

This is because, as a result of fasting, we're dehydrated, and in need of oxygen and glucose. That leaves our bodies more open to the effects of tobacco. The blood then becomes thicker and there is a higher risk of blood clotting, says Dr. Ghania Slimani, cardiology specialist at Health Shield Medical Center.

In turn, this raises your blood pressure, heart beats get irregular, all of which can lead to the risk of heart attacks caused by a nicotine-induced coronary spasm.

This is going to be a problem for many people.

Since many Iftar settings serve shisha into the morning during Ramadan, people are smoking for a lot more hours than usual.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), inhaling shisha smoke for one hour is equal to up to 100 cigarettes. Tobacco smoke also holds higher levels of cancer-causing chemicals.

It's bad news people. You might as well quit now.

Image Source: Flickr user just_a_cheeseburger
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