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Stability Ball Ab Workout

Crush Your Next Ab Session With This Trainer's 5-Move Stability Ball Workout

Stability Ball Ab Workout
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As a personal trainer, I'm always asked what the best ab routine is and what I personally do to train my core. Like most things fitness, the answer is subjective since there's more than one way to strengthen and define the abdominal muscles. For my own ab workouts, I'm always switching it up. Sometimes I use resistance, sometimes I stick to the exercises I know will strengthen my core and help manage my lower-back pain, and other times I like to turn up the intensity and really challenge myself.

This five-move workout definitely falls under the intense category; it's challenging and will improve your stability and overall core strength. Before you go any further, I do not advise this workout for beginners. Instead, try this beginner routine first, and gradually work your way up to this stability ball workout.

The Workout

Perform the designated reps for each exercise, taking little to no rest in between exercises. Rest for one to two minutes and repeat the five-exercise circuit for a total of two rounds.

  • Stir the pot: 10 reps, clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Ball mountain climbers: 12 reps
  • Ball knee tucks: 12 reps
  • Ball pikes: 10 reps
  • Ball pass: 10 reps
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