10 Things You Can Do Every Day to Live Longer

03/10/2018 - 11:18 AM

Did you know that there are small, nearly mindless things you can do every single day to live longer? If you're looking for a healthier, extended life (meaning more time doing the things you love), then age gracefully with these simple tips. Something as small as walking a little more or drinking more water (even sleeping!) can help improve your health and your body's ability to fight off disease.

Eat Right

Broccoli, turmeric, hibiscus tea, mushrooms, strawberries — you'd be surprised at all the foods that can help keep you healthy [1] and add years to your life. It's also been shown that a plant-based diet can lower both your cholesterol [2] and your risk for obesity, meaning your chances of having a longer life are much higher.

Get Out of Your Seat

Did you know that 10 percent of all deaths are from being sedentary? Sitting can be as lethal as smoking [3]. If you've got a desk job or tend to sit a lot, make sure you hone in on how much you're moving, standing, and walking. Add steps to your day — every day — and get a fitness tracker [4] if you need reminders to move.


Harvard proved that the secret to not just a longer life, but a happier one as well, was deep and meaningful relationships [5]. Nurture your relationships with friends and family, and spend some time in conversation daily.

Skip the Cigs

This includes e-cigarettes [6]! The bottom line is, cigarettes are gross, nothing about them is good for you, and when you smoke, you're deliberately and intentionally shaving years off your life — and possibly the lives of those around you with secondhand smoke!

Don't Drink (a Lot)

Everything in moderation, right? While we're not telling you to abstain from alcohol altogether, it's important to note that it is a toxin, and it taxes your body [7] when you have more than a couple drinks at a time. Plus, it can contribute to unhealthy weight gain [8], which can shorten your lifespan. That said, one glass of wine each day can lower cholesterol [9], lower chances of stroke, and can keep your bones strong.

Moderate Your Portions

Speaking of moderation, be sure to follow that golden rule for all aspects of life. If you've struggled with portion control [10] in the past, dedicate some time to learn about healthy portion sizes. Also bear in mind that moderation doesn't just apply to portions [11], but how much sugar [12] you're having in a day, how much wine you're drinking, and even how much you're exercising [13]. There can always be too much of a good thing!


Obviously you'll die if you don't drink water [14]. But even if you're simply not drinking enough water each day, the effects can still be severe; latent effects of dehydration include brain swelling, seizures, and kidney failure. Avoid the scary side-effects by guzzling H2O all day long.


It's no secret that exercise can improve your cardiovascular health and help you live a longer life. Need some ideas? Try running — it's also been proven that runners live longer [15].

Strength Train

Aside from daily exercise and some cardio work, science also shows that weight training can help you live longer [16]. You don't have to be a CrossFit champion to add years to your lifespan: start with small weights and build your way up to be strong, unstoppable, and healthy enough to live a very long life.


Another way you're potentially sabotaging your plan to live to 100? Not sleeping enough. Lack of sleep can shorten your life [17] and increase your risk of death. Just get some zzz's, people! It's so easy to add to your daily routine, and it'll help you stick around on this planet a little longer.

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