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Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen Diet Experiment

I Tried the Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady Diet, and Here's Why I Only Lasted a Couple Days

Whether or not you love Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, you can't deny that they look pretty damn good (Gisele's skin is always glowing!). Not surprisingly, they're serious about their comprehensive health and fitness routine, and we can't help but admire their dedication to eating superhealthy.

ICYMI, Tom and Gisele follow one of the strictest diets out there. The vast majority of what they eat is plant-based, but they'll also have animal protein like fish, eggs, and grass-fed meat. These are the things they steer clear of: caffeine, sugar, white flour, MSG, dairy, nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers). Is your jaw on the floor yet?

Call me crazy, but I wanted to give this diet a shot. I'm already plant-based vegan, and I gave up caffeine two years ago, so I figured I'd already won half the battle. This is what happened when I took dove headfirst into the Tom-and-Gisele diet for a few days.

It Was HARD to Live Without Nightshade Vegetables

I love mushrooms. I didn't realize how very much I love them, though, until I was forced to part ways with them. Apparently, nightshade vegetables aren't anti-inflammatory, so Tom and Gisele don't eat them at all. How anybody on this planet can live without eggplant, bell peppers, and mushrooms is beyond me. I ended up cooking with a lot of kale, squash, and sweet potato. But I won't sugarcoat it: living without mushrooms was nearly intolerable.

I Had a Lot of Energy

My plant-based diet equips me with a lot of energy as it is, but I'm convinced that eliminating those last few ingredients from my diet, like white flour and sugar, made a difference. I stopped eating protein bars and protein powder for a few days, mostly because these are technically processed foods that have hidden sugars in them. Plus, I doubt these are a regular part of Gisele's diet. My guess is that this slight adjustment in my diet helped me feel more energetic in the mornings.

I Didn't Notice Any Difference in My Digestion

I don't really have any issues with digestion or bloating anymore since I started intermittent fasting, and I can't say that the Tom-and-Gisele method made any impact on my digestion whatsoever. I do wonder, though, whether this kind of diet would make a difference in digestion for people who eat a lot of dairy or processed food.

I Had to Cook All My Own Food

Here's the thing about Tom and Gisele that we often overlook: they have a private chef that cooks all their meals for them. So of course they can afford to make their diet this strict — it's easy to eat ultrahealthy when you've got someone literally serving you everything.

Trying to follow their diet proved to be very challenging in terms of my social life, because it's hard to find food at restaurants that meet all these nutritional guidelines. Telling the server you're vegan is easy, but you can't exactly tell them you have Tom-and-Gisele dietary restrictions. Therefore, I had no other choice than to cook every single thing I ate. Following this diet for a few days was enough for me to realize that, yes, it has great benefits, but it's just not sustainable for everyday folks who can't afford a private chef (yet, anyway).

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