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Vitamin Injections London Review

Vitamin Drip Therapy Is Actually a Load of Bull, Here's What You Should Be Doing

Earlier this summer I was super excited to try hooking myself to a vitamin drip for the first time for a much-needed boost of energy. So I hopped off a flight from Dubai and took myself to a well-known clinic. While indeed, I did emerge feeling better than when I'd walked in, the reason may not have been the vitamin concoction that was leaked into my veins as I'd been told.

While there are plenty of ways to get your vitamins in, including eating well and even popping on patches, it turns out vitamin drip therapy is mainly just filling yourself up with, well, H2O.

Bianca Estelle, founder of Vitamin Injections London explained that injecting a concentrated formula of what you need is the way to go. And that's exactly what she does at her London clinics, visited by aristocrats, socialites, and TV stars who regularly take to social media to praise her work.

"The reason why an IV push is superior to a drip bag is essentially, what we're quite aware of in the industry; the drip bag on the whole is actually more hydration therapy, not vitamin therapy. So we focus more on the vitamins than the water," she explained to POPSUGAR Middle East.

"Other practices do a drip bag containing one liter of water and very minimal vitamins. We work totally the opposite way. We use pure vitamins in an IV push and you get the highest dose of the active ingredients in your blood stream as opposed to hydration therapy, which will temporarily make you feel better but it's really a bit of a placebo effect because most people are dehydrated."

When I visited, I was hooked up a pure oxygen machine while I waited for her colleague to get prepared. Nothing like breathing in anything that's not city pollution! Nasal oxygen therapy a non-invasive treatment using a nasal cannula to provide invigorating and revitalizing O2 directly to the body. It can be used to help mental function, assisting in injury recovery, calming the nervous system and it expedites recovery from a hangover and nausea.

Iron, Vitamin D, or even a cocktail of the good stuff you need is available; I had the Vitamin C IV. "It's great for general wellness, skin, as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory and pick-me-up," practitioner, Olivia Austin told me. It's a high dose of B12 with a boost of Folic Acid and Vitamin C. "B12 turns your food into energy, giving you the boost you need. For both treatments we recommend a course of 12, regularity catered to specific needs or deficiency," she continued.

Intravenous vitamin injections (in the veins) or an intramuscular shot (in the muscles) is a great way to feel the effects of vitamins and minerals almost immediately.

Vitamin Injections London pumps what you need straight into the vein, before following it up with a solution to flush so it can make its way around the body asap (within 15 minutes). This method is a great time saver as you can be in and out quickly, whereas a drip method takes around 45 minutes. Injected vitamins are especially popular with those who are vegan or suffer from anaemia.

I loved how quick and easy this was as opposed to spending an hour telling myself focus on something else. I feel the cold liquid enter my veins but that's about it. I didn't pass out and I wasn't sure if I could taste my body being filled with nutrients. Something they say if possible if you're deficient. I guess I'm healthy than I expected!

"With pure vitamin therapy you're getting high dose vitamins into your blood stream and that's what's making you feel better as opposed to hydration making you feel better," Bianca added.

With that, I stocked up on vitamin patches to take care of myself while I'm away from London and was off to use some of that newfound energy.

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