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Watch World Flyboarding Champ Gemma Weston in Dubai Marina

This Woman's Flyboarding Skills Will Blow Your Mind

If watching Drake flyboard in Dubai last year made you think he's the coolest celebrity, you've seen nothing yet.

This New Zealand-born lady has completely blown our minds with her skills in the water.

Watch Gemma Weston soar high in the Dubai Marina sky in this cool clip, after twisting and turning in figures of eight.

The 29-year-old can be seen doing backflips with the famous skyline in the background, being held up only by the hydro jets pushing her 60 feet into the air.

Gemma, who just happens to be the flyboarding champion of the world, admits that she pushes herself to go faster each time, even though hitting the water the wrong way can "feel like concrete".

Considering she only began doing the stunts in 2013, it's incredible that she's the top flyboarder on the planet.

Gemma added that she feels like a superhero when she sees people smiling as a result of her spectacular moves, and we can see why. Watch the video to see her do her thing.

Image Source: YouTube user flycaptain
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