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What Is Golden Milk and How do You Make it?

Golden Milk: the Antidepressant, Debloating, Weight-Loss Boosting Wonder Drink

Ready to simmer down and give your body a boost before bedtime? We've got the perfect, healthy nightcap for you, and you may have heard of it: golden milk.

Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, golden milk is a combination of the powerful spice turmeric, coconut milk, and sometimes coconut oil. Black pepper is often added (in small amounts) to increase the bioavailability of (i.e., your body's ability to absorb) the superspice turmeric. Creamy and spicy, soothing and warm — this delicious drink is more than just a tasty treat. Rich in electrolytes and digestive-aiding properties, your body is going to love every sip.

Ready to mix up a batch? We like flavoring with a little honey or agave, and sometimes a bit vanilla bean or vanilla extract, cinnamon, and ginger. You'll be sweetly sipping your way to health in no time!

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