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What Is Food Prep?

If Meal Prep For Weight Loss Intimidates You, Try This 1-Hour Saturday Habit Instead

What Is Food Prep?
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If you're looking to lose weight, eat healthier, boost your immune system, or make gains in the gym (or all three!), registered dietitian Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD, author of The Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen Cookbook recommends meal prepping. But if meal prepping lunches and dinners intimidates you so much that you can't bare the thought of even trying, you've got to try this Saturday habit instead: food prepping.

Instead of packing layered rainbow mason jar salads, time-consuming veggie lasagna, or elaborate Buddha bowls, just prepare or cook whole foods you can use for your week's meals.

Keep reading to find out what I like to food prep on Saturdays — this takes about an hour! It's perfect because it allows more variety with my lunches (so I'm not eating five days straight of Crockpot curry). It also inspires a little creativity at dinner time because I can take a couple of my prepped foods and use them to make a bunch of different recipes. Here are the five foods I've been prepping lately.

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