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Workout For Abs and Butt

Fire Up Your Abs and Butt With This 30-Minute Circuit

Workout For Abs and Butt

If you're looking to save time in the gym, this intense, 2-for-1 core and glute focused circuit has your name written all over it.

The Workout

To get your body ready for the workout begin with a dynamic warmup to loosen your muscles and get the blood flowing.

Begin by doing each exercise for the designated amount of repetitions listed before advancing to the next move. Since this is a circuit there will be little to no rest in between exercises (use your transitions as your rest period) and two minutes of rest at the end of each round. If you feel you need to slow down the pace of the workout for whatever reason feel free to take one minute of rest in between each exercise.

Complete every exercise in the circuit and then take two minutes of rest. Repeat for four rounds.

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