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Workout For Sleeping Butt Syndrome

This Workout Is the Wake-Up Kiss For Your Sleeping Booty

Workout For Sleeping Butt Syndrome
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd
Product Credit: Nike top and pants, APL sneakers

We've been warned repeatedly that sitting is the new smoking, but spending all that time on your butt is putting your glutes to sleep. You can call it sleeping butt syndrome, hibernating hiney, or dead butt disorder, but no matter how you refer to it, you need to wake your ass up. Literally. Inactive and underperforming glutes can lead to debilitating knee, hip, and lower back pain. Plus, if you're looking for booty gains, a butt that is not working cannot grow.

This workout will resuscitate your sleeping booty. Once you fire up your glutes, you can start working on your booty gains for a full, lovely, and strong backside.

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