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Workout For When You're Angry

Feel Like a Badass (and Get Your Anger Out) With This Empowering Workout

Workout For When You're Angry

Bad day at work? Mad at your significant other? Going through a break-up? Too many sneakers to buy, not enough paydays? We feel ya. So many things can cause anger and negative stress, but why let it fester and take over your mood? Best way to get it out: punch stuff. No, seriously. Let's work out all of the bad feelings — with a workout!

Chris Dovale, Personal Trainer and Owner of 9th House Fitness designed a mega-empowering workout that's going to leave you fit, toned, strong, inspired — and feeling like a total badass. If you're feeling pissed off, channel all that anger into these exercises and turn it into good, healthy energy for your body. Let's do this!

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