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You Young South Korea

Watch This 11-Year-Old Take Home South Korea's Top Figure Skating Title

On Sunday night, 11-year-old You Young broke South Korea's record for youngest national figure skating champion. The record was previously held by figure skater-turned-mega-celebrity Yuna Kim, who won her first national championship in 2003, when she was 12-years-old.

You Young, who was raised in Singapore but relocated to South Korea three years ago to focus on her sport, cinched the title by nailing an impressive seven triple jumps during her short program. In addition to impressing the judges, the 143cm-tall powerhouse garnered praise from her idol, who is known in her home country as "Queen Yuna," or simply "Queen."

"She is even better than I was," Kim told Agence France-Press, "I think her skills will improve further if she takes care and avoids injuries."

As good as tiny You Young is, though, her record-breaking win does little to help the South Korean Olympic team. When the Winter Olympics head to Pyeongchang, South Korea in 2018, Young will only be 13-years-old-- which is two years too young to compete in the games.

Unless the Olympic Committee changes the age requirements in the next year or so, Yuna Kim may have to come out of retirement to help her country win figure skating gold!

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