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Zahra Lahri Nike Dream Crazier Campaign

You'd Never Guess Who the Face of Nike's New Dream Crazier Campaign! Hint: She's Emirati

Sports fans, get ready to jump for joy because the Nike Dream Crazier campaign has officially touched down in the UAE. And, this year, it sees five-time UAE ice-skating champion Zahra Lari star as the face of the campaign, which focuses on female athletes who have broken down barriers, united people, and inspired generations of athletes to chase their dreams.

The campaign isn't the first time that Lari has worked with the brand. She previously collaborated with Nike to design the Nike Pro Hijab. In 2017, she starred in the Pro Hijab campaign alongside fellow hijab wearing trailblazer, fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad and boxer Zeina Nassar.

Before we jump into the campaign, let's have a quick look:

Touching right?

For all those who may have skipped on the video (it's cool), here's a rundown of what you missed:

The just over a minute and half long video focused on how the young Emirati has paved the way for the future of female athletes in the region by going head first into ice skating despite the obstacles she has faced. The video also shows clips of Lari's childhood and how she started out ice skating, those were SO adorable by the way. Our favorite part was when the now 24-year-old was skating with the two young girls, it brought actual tears of joy to our eyes...

If you're just learning about Zahra Lari, here's a few facts about the Emirati figure skater that you may find interesting:

  • Her voice and face has become a staple in the representation of Muslim hijabi women in the sports community, not just in the Middle East but all across the world.
  • Zahra has always credited her hard work for where she is today and has previously stated that: "A champion is not made by staying in bed. You have to work hard."
  • Lari has continued to fight for Muslim inclusion in athletics with every competition she participates in. While competing at the 2012 European Cup in Italy, she became the first ever figure skater to don the headscarf while competing. The move resulted in judges docking points from her, an action she addressed by convincing members of the ISU to amend the games' rules Muslim women to compete with their hair covered.

We're so proud to see Zahra killing it as a female Muslim athlete. How excited were you to see Zahra star in Nike's Dream Crazier campaign? Tweet us at @PopSugarME letting us know your thoughts.

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