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Ab-Strengthening Exercises Inspired by Sza's "Hit Different"

Sza's Abs Are the Star of the "Hit Different" Video — Try These 6 Exercises For a Stronger Core

Ab-Strengthening Exercises Inspired by Sza's "Hit Different"
Image Source: Getty / Taylor Hill

Like most, I've been waiting to be serenaded by Sza's voice on a new track for a long time, and the day has finally come. After three years, Sza released her latest single "Hit Different," and I've had it on repeat nonstop. Then, I watched the music video (if you haven't seen it yet, please go watch), and was even more love with it.

I have no idea what goes into directing videos and coming up with treatments, but shoutout to Sza for all the ab shots we got. Her abs look so good, I'm here writing about them. Ahead, I've rounded up a list of strengthening exercises inspired by Sza's abs that will improve your core strength, which is important for everyday movements like twisting and bending and even improves your posture; can help you improve your athletic performance; and can even help you perform the choreography from the video better!

It goes without saying but doing these moves once or twice won't suddenly leave you with a six-pack or abs that look like Sza's, and that's OK! The point is to provide you with ab-strengthening exercises you can do whenever you want. I recommend choosing four to six moves you really like and making a quick workout with them or incorporating a few into your preexisting workouts. And if you're really loving Sza's new single and these exercises, perform them to "Hit Different."

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