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At-Home Fitness | Beginner Stretch Sequences For Lower Back

I Did This 5-Minute Stretch Routine For 2 Weeks, and My Low Back Pain Is Almost Gone

At-Home Fitness | Beginner Stretch Sequences For Lower Back
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Working from home while dealing with a foot injury has been pretty hard for my body. I sit at a computer all day, but I can't get loose with workouts, walking, or running the way I'm used to. Even low-impact workouts like yoga have been tough to do consistently. From the start, it's been rough from a mental health perspective (cooped up in my house and I can't work out?!), but after almost four months, my body started to feel the pain too.

It was worst in my lower back. Sitting at my desk, I could just feel my back locking up; even arching my spine caused a sharp pain. It hurt, and it was scary — I'd never had back pain before, and my regular workout routine, the one thing I thought might help, was off-limits. My options seemed limited, but just putting up with this until my foot healed was not going to work.

Sometimes my foot felt OK enough to do gentle yoga, and that's how I found out that a few key stretches did wonders for my stiff back muscles. The best part? None of them put pressure on my foot, so I could do them even when the injury was acting up. I picked out the poses that gave me the most release and created a five-minute stretching sequence to do at night, after a long day at the computer, and first thing in the morning, to loosen me up for the day.

I've done this routine twice a day for two weeks, and my back already feels looser, less achey, and a little more flexible. And I know it's the stretching that's doing it; when I miss a session, believe me, I can feel the difference. My body is clearly telling me to keep up this routine, and I'm happy to set aside a few minutes a day if it makes this kind of difference! Check out my quick routine ahead and give it a try yourself if you need to relieve tension and soreness in your lower back.

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