Grab Your Pencils Ladies, We’ve Got Some Meditative Coloring To Do

19/03/2020 - 12:14 PM

When it comes de-stressing, we are genuine fans of meditative coloring [1]. It allows us to unwind and get lost in creating a color-filled masterpiece. Should you wish to give it a go, we've shortlisted five of our favorites below.

The Ultimate Dot-to-Dot: Extreme Puzzle Challenges to Complete and Colour

Get ready to connect hundreds of dots to reveals dozens of animals. We're still on page three and our dotted masterpiece is finally starting to look a bit like a wolf, which is great because we want to color it in now…
Price: AED59, click here to buy yours [2]

Mandala Art Colouring Book

When it comes to coloring, mandalas are our favorite. Understandable given their ability to create a natural state of Zen.

Price: AED35, click here to buy yours [3]

Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns

Need we say more?
Price: AED29, click here to buy yours [4]

Anti-Stress Colouring: Doodle & Dream

With 64 pages filled with unique doodles, ranging from circles, flowers, and the odd star, this anti-stress should do the trick for those looking to unwind and as the title suggests, dream a little.
Price: AED60, click here to buy yours [5]

World of Flowers: A Coloring Book and Floral Adventure

Not only are flowers depicted stunning, you will (no doubt) find yourself googling the names of a few. Especially since it features 80 pages of flora.
Price: AED69, click here to buy yours [6]

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