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Best Plant-Based Protein Sources to Meal Prep

Dietitians Say to Meal Prep These 3 Plant-Based Proteins on Saturday to Lose Weight All Week

Best Plant-Based Protein Sources to Meal Prep

After enjoying your weekend chilling or being adventurous (or a little of both!), it's time to get ready for your healthy week ahead, and that means it's meal prep time! If you're not into making complete meals, registered dietitian Rachel Stahl, MS, CDN, CDE, of Rachel Stahl Nutrition says to food prep a few plant-based protein sources so you can add them to meals throughout the week.

Protein is key if you want to feel satiated at meals to prevent overeating and to help with weight-loss goals, and it also helps build muscle. If you don't have a ton of time to meal prep, these are the top three plant-based protein sources you should make.

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