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Expert Advice | Work From Home Office Posture Tips

If Your WFH Office Setup Is Causing You Body Aches and Pain – These Expert Tips Are Here to Help

Expert Advice |  Work From Home Office Posture Tips
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In light of the current global pandemic, millions of employees and business owners worldwide have had to resort to working from home — an initiative aimed at reducing the risk and spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, doing so – especially without the right home office setup can result in several health problems, ranging from body pain, aches, eye strain, and more.

"If your work from your home setup is not ergonomic, you will accelerate the onset of musculoskeletal problems ranging from neck, shoulder, back problems, hand and wrist problems, to leg problems, all because of working in poor postures. Keeping your body in a neutral, relaxed position while working is ideal to avoid pain," explains Dr. Marc El Najjar, a Consultant Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon for Medcare Hospital Sharjah.

To help minimize the risk of WFH injury, we asked Dr. El Najjar for tips on how to create the very best home office space.

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