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How to Use Social Media During the Coronavirus Outbreak

What to Do If Social Media Is Causing Anxiety Right Now but You Can't Stop Scrolling

How to Use Social Media During the Coronavirus Outbreak
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My daily Twitter scrolls are becoming a minefield. I mentally brace myself every time I log on, because in any given five-minute scroll, I'll pick up a mix of useful information from my local government and the CDC; some funny and much-needed self-isolation memes and TikToks; and a whole lot of other information that, even if it's useful, even if it's true, only heightens my state of constant anxiety. This is pretty much how it goes on the internet during times of crisis. Social media can be a tool for disseminating information and staying connected with loved ones or a mouthpiece for misleading rumors and a trigger for panic and fear. Right now, it's all of the above.

Maybe you can't (or don't want to) stay away from social media completely right now. That's fine, but if you're like me, you probably need to take a hard look at the way you use it and the effect it's having on your mental health. I turned to mental-health professionals and posed the question: how do you use social media right now without worsening your anxiety and fear? Find their recommendations ahead.

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