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3D-Printed Candy at Dylan's Candy Bar

What Does Candy From a 3D Printer Taste Like? An Investigation

3D-Printed Candy at Dylan's Candy Bar
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Marina Liao

Like anyone with a sweet tooth, I hightailed it to Dylan's Candy Bar to see the arrival of the first 3D candy printer. Created by Katjes Magic Candy Factory, the device prints out edible candy designs of your choice in a variety of flavors.

As a 20-something walking into Dylan's, I couldn't help but immediately feel like a little kid again. Started in 2001 by Dylan Lauren (her father is designer Ralph Lauren), Dylan's Candy Store is a "Willy Wonka meets Disneyland" mecca. Colorful gummies and chocolate treats lined the shelves, making you want to dive in face first into the candy stashes. There were empty containers and bags waiting for eager customers to fill them up with gumdrops, sour straws, M&Ms, you name it. With over 7,000 candy choices from around the world, the confectionary spot left me wondering if the store had its own on-call dentist.

A quick browse around the first floor at its flagship location in New York City told me that the place not only carried quality sugary goods but also prided itself on innovation and excitement. That's why I tore myself away from the first floor and ventured downstairs to get a very first glimpse of The Magic Candy Factory printer — the first 3D candy printer in the United States.

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