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Americans Try Dubai McDonald's

Americans Tried McDonald's in Dubai ... Guess Which Was Better

"This could be like a date night..."

According to Buzzfeed, McDonald's UAE might actually be your best option for a romantic meal out, at least compared your average restaurant in the US. A couple of reporters were in Dubai for a stopover recently when they decided to try out the many different variations on the menu that don't everywhere else around the world.

If you've tried the fast food chain in the United Arab Emirates, you might be taking it for granted. But this video above will make you realize just how lucky you are … or not.

  1. The Chicken Mac isn't a thing in the USA, it's either a Chicken Sandwich or Big Mac but the UAE gives customers that cool halfway point. WIN.
  2. Big Tasty. The Americans found this "generic" and um … not so "tasty" as the name would suggest. Maybe acceptable after a night out when he taste buds will literally settle for anything. SO SO.
  3. The Asian Burger. Despite not being able to tell how this one's Asian-inspired, it's spicier than a regular burger. MEH.
  4. McAloo Tikki Burger. The veggie burger went down well thanks to its curried flavor. THUMBS UP.
  5. McArabia. If anything should represent the region it's this one and although it was good, it reminded them more of Greek food than anything. IT'LL DO.
  6. Down at the McCafe, the Blueberry Cheesecake was impressive as was the coffee art presentation, but the macrons were not up to scratch. TIME TO STEP IT UP, USA.

Some of the replies from viewers included, "USA Mcdonald's needs to step up their game!! Those desserts look amazing!!" and "i love how mcdonald's changes up their menus all around the world. :") tis a beautiful thing."

We know what we're having for dinner. Inspired? Check out what McDonald's is like elsewhere in the world.

Image Source: Buzzfeed
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