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Ayesha Curry Cooking Tips

Ayesha Curry Has an Ingenious Tip For Using Up All Your Produce

Ayesha Curry is not only wife to Stephen Curry and mom to two of the most adorable girls ever, but she's also a killer cook. She's had her own blog, Little Lights of Mine, for years, and she's coming out with a cookbook in September entitled The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well. I recently spoke with Ayesha to learn more about the book (it's going to be good, you guys), and I also learned some pretty ingenious tips for something most home cooks struggle with — making the most out of fresh produce before it goes bad. Ayesha's favorite way to prevent food waste is simple, yet effective: freeze everything. She's using her platform to raise awarness for food waste as Earth Day (April 22) approaches, because it's something that's more harmful to the environment — and our wallets — than we realize. "American families have a lot of food waste," Ayesha said. "On average, families waste about $2,200 on food a year, which, when you put in into perspective, is a lot of money. You could be going on vacation with that money!"

Her advice is to make sure you're getting the smartest use out of your freezer, which doesn't mean filling it up with processed, frozen meals. "Let's say you're making pasta and the recipe calls for half an onion, and then you're left with this little other half of the onion, and you either put it in the fridge and it rots, or you throw it in the garbage and it's being wasted. But you can chop it up, and it saves in the freezer for months. And then you build up this collection of fruits and veggies in your freezer, and you're not always having to run to the grocery store to pick up more because it's right there."

The one not-so-obvious thing Ayesha freezes to prevent spoilage? Mushrooms. "Something that I learned recently is you can freeze mushrooms if you use freezer wrap, which floored me because it's just not something I'd think that would save," she said. You should freeze them "before you cook them. Wash them and make sure they're completely dry, then you can freeze them for up to 12 months." Don't just put whole fruits or vegetables in the freezer, though. Ayesha advised, "The one thing you want to make sure you're doing — not with the mushrooms because they're small — but with anything big, like eggplant or corn on the cob, you want to makes sure you're cutting it up into small pieces or else it's frozen all the way through." I'd say Ayesha is the real MVP of the Curry family.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry
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