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Bag of Lucky Charms Marshmallows

This Company Is Giving the People What They Want: Lucky Charms Marshmallows Only

For as long as Lucky Charms cereal has existed (since 1964, to be exact), people have coveted the multicolored marshmallows that complement the shaped little oat pieces. While General Mills has created a marshmallows-only box in the past, it's typically only been done as a specialty item — once as a sweepstakes prize, and once for Kylie Jenner.

Recently, one candy and sweets manufacturer, Medley Hills Farm, decided to give the people what they want: a bag of those sugary little marshmallows. The brand is currently selling a 1.5-pound bag of the marshmallows on Amazon for $14. A one-pound bag is currently listed for $12.

According to the reviews, they are, in fact, magically freaking delicious. One reviewer wrote, "You will feel every bit of your hopeful ten year old life again, where bills and jobs were a distant murky future. Enjoy every precious moment of your recaptured youth."

While we're certain that a marshmallows-only bag would elicit a delicious and nostalgia-ridden experience, it's also slightly hard to justify the nearly-$15 price tag when you can also just pick the marshmallows out of a regular box of Lucky Charms.

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