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Best Candy From Ikea

We Tried Every Single Candy From Ikea So You Don't Have To

Best Candy From Ikea
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts

You have been in an overcrowded Ikea for exactly two hours and 38 minutes and you cannot possibly stare at another piece of furniture that may or may not fit in your apartment. You know what you need? A sugar rush. And in case you missed it, Ikea can call itself a candy store now. Every location offers an overwhelming variety of gummies and chocolate candy, and you might end up feeling even more anxious than you did before when you find yourself staring at the pick-and-mix wall.

So guess what? We tried every single one of them. We held an office-wide taste test here at POPSUGAR, and I'll go ahead and tell you people had a lot to say. From the good to the bad (some Swedish candy is truly bizarre, you guys), this is the ultimate list of every candy sold at Ikea, ranked from worst to best. Spoiler alert: "best candy store" will not likely be added to the list of interesting Ikea facts, but a few of these are worthy of a trip.

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