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Burger & Lobster Malaysian Lobster Casserole

If Cooking Lobster Seems Daunting, This Malaysian Casserole Is the Perfect Place to Start

Never cooked a lobster before? This Malaysian Casserole recipe from Burger & Lobster shows you how to do it in the tastiest way. Just follow these preparation instructions then get stuck into the recipe below...

Place the point of a sharp knife toward the top of the lobster's head with the sharp part of the blade facing away from the tail. Very quickly stick the knife into the lobster's head and slice downward bringing the sharp blade through the head to the work surface. Now cut the lobster the other way down the body and tail so you have to long halves. Remove all the black and green goo and other membranes.

Cooking lobster is an art, and if you do not get the timing just right (15 minutes maximum), you might be in for a tough or chewy lobster. Never overcook your lobster. This makes the meat tough and stringy.

Maylasian Lobster Casserole

Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster Malaysian Lobster Casserole


  1. 550g Whole Lobster
    150g Ginger fresh
    5g Garlic fresh
    60g Coriander leaves fresh
    2kg Shrimps paste
    600g Tomato paste
    30g Sugar
    60g Salt
    60ml Corn oil
    50ml Coconut milk fresh
    1Pc Whole egg
    100g Green chili


  1. Prepare the lobster as mentioned and keep aside. Cut the body flesh into half.
  2. In a pan add corn oil, and fry on medium flame onion until cook.
  3. Add crushed garlic and ginger.
  4. On medium – low flame add the green chili.
  5. Season.
  6. To this add shrimps paste, tomato paste, sugar, and fry well.
  7. Add the milk in the end.
  8. Add mixed egg before serving.
  9. Garnish with red chili and spring onion.
  10. Serve hot with brioche bread.
Image Source: Burger & Lobster
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