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Cajun Chicken Fingers

Adulting 101: When In Doubt, Go With the Chicken Fingers

If age is just a number, then there's no shame in ordering your favorite childhood meal at a not-so-childish age. Particularly these Cajun Chicken Fingers from The Chickery in La Mer, Jumeirah. Scroll down to see how the restaurant likes to batter them up.

Cajun Chicken Fingers

The Chickery

Cajun Chicken Fingers


  1. 170g Fresh Chicken Breast
    50g All-purpose flour
    15g Corn Starch
    6g Spice Rub
    2g Salt
    250ml Buttermilk


  1. Cut one fresh chicken breast into three medium sized strips.
  2. Douse the chicken strips with buttermilk and your favorite spice rub of choice.
  3. Leave the strips to marinate for five hours.
  4. Mix the corn flour and all-purpose flour well.
  5. Take the marinated strips, dust with your flour mix and fry at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 minutes.
Image Source: The Chickery
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