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Chocolate Fondant

Making Chocolate Fondant Isn't as Tricky as You Think

Sho Cho, Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa shares their recipe for a Chocolate Fondant.

Chocolate Fondant

Sho Cho

Chocolate Fondant


  1. 150g Dark Chocolate
    3 Egg yolks
    3 Eggs
    85g Caster sugar
    150g Butter
    17g Hints cocoa
    17g All purpose flour


  1. Prepare four fondant rings with baking paper.
  2. Beat the egg yolks and eggs using egg beater and set aside.
  3. Place sugar, butter and chocolate into heatproof bowl and place over simmering water, stir until all ingredients are melted, do not let the bowl touch the water.
  4. Remove the chocolate mixture from heat and whisk to ensure no lumps and grains.
  5. Add small amount of the eggs mixture and whisk vigorously until combined, repeat adding small amounts of the egg mixture and whisk until all combined and the mixture has a glossy smooth texture.
  6. Fold cocoa powder and all purpose flour.
  7. Pour into fondant rings and set aside in fridge for a couple of hours.
Image Source: Sho Cho
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